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Caxino Bonus

Caxino Casino bonuses are generous and plentiful. The team behind Caxino knows a thing or two about delivering the correct rewards at the right time. Caxino leverages proven machine learning techniques to get the most out its data and to make sure the customers are receiving rewards at the right time and which complement their style of play. Let's see what's on offer...


The Welcome Offer

The Caxino welcome bonus is a 100% deposit bonus up to $1,000, plus 100 free spins.

Once the sign-up offer is activated, Caxino offers players an instant reward of a 100% Balance Booster, up to the value of $1,000: you receive double your preferred deposit to the value of $1,000 as Bonus Money assigned to your account. A second Balance Booster to the same value and an offer of 100 Free Spins over 10 days is also provided.

Please note that matching funds are paid in bonus money. Like all bonuses, the Caxino welcome bonus is fully forfeitable should you choose to decline it for any reason including the wish to proceed with an early withdrawal.


Spinbox™️ is the innovative level up game at Caxino.

How Spinbox Works

  • As you play at Caxino, the Progress Bar will advance clockwise. When the bar fills, you advance a level and win a Spinbox round.
  • Spinbox awards free spins to your favourite games.
  • Up to 40 free spins can be won in any Spinbox bonus round.


Levelling up multiple times per day increases your number of spins each time. Here's an example of what you would receive if you level up three times in a single day:

  • 1st Spinbox Round: Spinbox win
  • 2nd Spinbox Round: Spinbox win + 2 free spins
  • 3rd Spinbox Round: Spinbox win + 3 free spins

This continues for as many times you level up during a day. For example, if you level up 10 times in a single day, you will receive +10 free spins in addition to your Spinbox win on that 10th level up.

These extra spins will be awarded to the same game which you win on the corresponding Spinbox round.

What other bonuses are available at Caxino?

Caxino Bonus Code

From time to time, Caxino will provide bonus codes. Enter those into the Bonus Code section in My Account and then visit My Rewards to see what you've won. Caxino bonus code free spins are the most common reward but it isn't unusual for a cashback bonus to appear after the code has been entered.

Sometimes you'll know what you are getting beforehand and other times it will be a surprise until the moment you claim that bonus code. Bonus codes for free spins and other offers are generally given away during flash campaigns, so keep an eye on email and SMS for the valuable Caxino bonus codes.

For this reason in particular, it is important to accept the consents when you create your Caxino account. This will make sure that you are receiving Caxino communications and you aren't missing out on any Caxino bonus codes or more fun offers.

Caxino Cashback Bonus

The Caxino Cashback Bonus may appear in My Rewards at any time. When claimed, the Cashback Bonus will return 10-20% when playing over the cashback period which can be 2 hours or more.

For our Caxino Extra players, the cashback bonus is a permanent feature. Caxino Extra members receive cashback 100% of the time, 24/7.

For full details on the Caxino cashback bonus calculation, visit the Bonus Terms and Conditions found in the Info area at Caxino.

Reload Bonuses

A Reload Bonus is a bonus type when money deposited by a customer is matched by Caxino with bonus money. An example of a Reload Bonus is the Caxino Welcome Offer where up to $200 will be matched 100% giving the player another $200 if they deposit $200 or more on their first deposit at Caxino.

Reload bonuses typically range from 50-100% but some special offers of 200% or more may occasionally become available. As always, it pays to accept communications from Caxino so these types of offers aren't missed

Note: To claim a Reload Bonus, be sure to click the check box to accept the bonus when making a deposit. If multiple deposit bonuses are available, please be aware that only one (1) offer can be claimed per deposit.

Deposit and Get Free Spins

Deposit and Get Free Spins is another offer you should come to expect from the crew behind Caxino. As they demonstrate daily over at Wildz, Free Spins is sort of their thing.

More modest offers require a smaller deposit where as larger campaigns need larger deposits in order to trigger bigger blocks of free spins.

When this reward is available, clicking the offer in My Rewards will take you to the deposit screen. When making a deposit, be sure you have the offer selected so you receive it when the deposit clears. As with all deposit rewards at Caxino, only one (1) can be claimed per deposit.

Double Speed

A Double Speed reward advances the Progress Bar at twice the normal speed. This allows you to achieve level ups and Spinbox rounds quicker than ever before. With Spinbox awarding extra spins each time you level up in a day, the Double Speed reward can be a valuable tool for piling up those Spinbox rounds and a large chunk of free spins.

The two most common types of Double Speed rewards are general and promotion. General Double Speed rewards allow you to double the Progress Bar speed on any game you play. Promotion Double Speed may be applied to a particular game or developer that Caxino is featuring. General Double Speed rewards typically last a couple of hours whereas promotional Double Speed may be active for days.

Like all rewards at Caxino, Double Speed rewards are activated by claiming the item in My Rewards.

Progress Bar to 99%

This popular bonus will not be left behind! The Progress Bar to 99% reward was a hit over at Wildz and the Rootz crew was certain to incorporate this into the Caxino product.

For those unfamiliar, the concept is quite simple but the strategy can be more complex. When claimed, this reward will advance the Progress Bar to 99% ensuring that you are only a few spins away from levelling up. Simple enough, right?

The complexity comes in when deciding when to claim this reward. Should you receive a Progress Bar to 99% reward when your Progress Bar is over 50%, it might make sense to play through the current level and only claim this reward once the Progress Bar resets to 0% following a level up. In this way you can maximise its value. The additional free spins that can be earned on Spinbox+ only adds another layer of strategy upon this feature.

All bonuses at Caxino are forfeitable (non-sticky)

Wins from rewards and reload bonuses are paid in Bonus Money which is subject to a wagering requirement (35x for most games).

When Real and Bonus money reside in a players account, the Real Money is played first. As it happens, sometimes players win big with the Real Money and would like to withdrawal but the problem at some casinos is that the player is forced to wager through their Bonus Money before any Real Money can be withdrawn.


This is not a problem at Caxino. All bonuses at Caxino are non-sticky, meaning forfeitable, meaning you can opt-out at any time and get on with your withdrawal.