Caxino Casino Opening Soon

Rootz, the team behind Wildz, is pleased to announce the coming release of their second casino brand, Caxino Casino.

Caxino will build off the success they've experienced with the original brand. Once again, the team at Rootz has put a great deal of emphasis on website speed and customer navigation. With regards to speed, the team at Rootz built on programming practices that have worked well in the past and incorporated lessoned learned to make Caxino an even faster product than the previous brand. While some casinos opt for many different sections on their website, Caxino will feature the streamlined look and feel that proved so popular with the Wildz. Customers familiar with this first Rootz brand will find Caxino's navigation familiar and easy to operate.

Thousands of Games

When Caxino launches, it will host well over 1200 video slots, table games, Live Casino titles, and other online casino titles. Adding fresh games and new developers has been a priority for some time now, and the 2000 game mark, a number that would have been a fantasy just a few of years ago, is a milestone that Caxino should achieve at some point in the near future.

Caxino Special Features

Much of the popular rewards have been carried over from Wildz including favourites like the 99% Progress Bar and Level Up rewards.

The Level Up reward has been simplified as well. When you achieve a Level Up, a Spinbox reward will be dropped into My Rewards. This reward will be free spins to a game you like to play. The number of free spins awarded will be random, but the winning game will be a title that you have a proven interest in based on previous gameplay.

Should you Level Up to or more times during a day, you'll receive a Spinbox reward with extra spins. Level Up twice in a day and get 2 extra free spins on top of the Spinbox win, level up three times and you'll receive 3 additional spins on the Spinbox reward. These extra spins grow with as many times as you Level Up in a day.

When Does Caxino go Live?

Caxino is slated to go live in Q2 of 2020. With the current interruptions due to COVID-19, it will be a challenge to launch a new online casino at this time. However, the plan still remains for a Q2 release of Caxino Casino. Should this launch be delayed, be sure to check back here at for further updates.