Luck Symbols to Check Out in 2023

There are many strange ideas when it comes to what people term "good luck". For example, some consider it lucky if a bird poops on your head, while others say that if you find a spider on your wedding dress, that's a good thing. Travel around the globe and you'll find that every culture has its own set of ideas about what's lucky. There's plenty of evidence of this among gambling enthusiasts, too, many of whom have strong ideas about special items that they consider to be lucky. Take a closer look at some of these symbols with Caxino and decide whether or not you agree that these could boost your fortunes in 2023, with some great luck of your own, of course!

When pigs fly

You don't have to spend a lot of time playing online casino slots to discover that there's a whole whack of games featuring pigs as the main characters. While some people think of pigs as mucky farmyard animals, others revere them as symbols of wealth and good fortune, That's why games like Piggy Riches and Piggy Luck offer the chance to partner with these amusing pink beasts with a chance to access fantastic fortunes. There are plenty of slots titles where you can put this belief to the test!

Double trouble in Ireland

As the saying goes, if you're extremely fortunate, you have the "luck of the Irish". Now, the origins of luck remain a mystery to us all, but the Irish, and consequently, Irish-themed slots, feature plenty of symbols said to bring a boost to the bankroll. Lucky leprechauns and shamrocks (the forerunner of four-leafed clovers) are everywhere, along with rings and Celtic symbols to help usher those days of good fortune in. While the rainbow itself doesn't mean anything in particular within Irish culture, there could always be a pot 'o gold at the end of it, if you can get the leprechaun to give you access... Check out Clover Gold, Clover Fortune and Leprechaun Riches if you have a strong feeling that your future could be painted green this year.

7 Sins reels

Seven times seven

Numbers can influence decision making more than you'd expect, with some superstitious people only doing certain things according to what they consider to be their lucky number, while avoiding other numbers. Proof of this? There are dozens of slots games using the original fruit machine lucky number 7 as a symbol, and absolutely none featuring the number 13! Would the creators of these games keep on producing titles like 777 Strike and Seven 7s if there wasn't a hint of good luck involved? Of course there's even a game named 7 Sins from Play'n GO, so take care to choose the number that suits your style of play.

Horses, turtles and ladybugs

Some of the icons considered to be lucky but not generally coming in as the main feature of a game could be worth keeping your eye on, too. Horses and horseshoes have plenty of fans around the world, as seen in games like Treasure Horse and Western Gold while turtles, elephants and ladybugs also crop up from time to time. When it comes to playing card symbols, gaming enthusiasts may side on Hearts as being luckier although some go for the iconic Ace of Spades. That's an indication of another quirk when it comes to slots symbols: one person's good luck symbol is another's no-go symbol, it comes down to personal preferences.

Some players like to stick to games that feature one lucky symbol while others believe that a certain symbol may benefit them for the year: this may be impossible, given that slots games operate based on random number generators, but it's really all about the entertainment value these games offer.

Where does luck come from?

Maybe you have a lucky coin you keep in your pocket, or perhaps you like to kiss a statue as you leave your house for good luck, the most mysterious thing about luck is that it's impossible to pin down to any one icon, item. activity or symbol.

The fact remains that all online slots games are entirely games of chance. There's no skill involved and no tips or tricks can improve your chances of winning: everyone who decides to have a go with a game has a fair chance of winning, but there is always a risk involved, no matter how lucky you may feel.

Playing responsibly at a reputable online casino means setting your own limits before you start and taking regular breaks as well as knowing when to stop and not trying to win your way back from a losing streak.

If you love to play slots games you can play many games for free in Demo Mode, too. That's a risk-free way of finding out which symbols bring you the most luck!