Prehistoric Slots to Explore

Did you know, according to the correct historical timeline, the T-Rex was around closer to the iPhone than the Stegosaurus? Well, now you do! If you love the fascinating stories about archaeology and palaeontology, you'll adore these online casino slots with a prehistoric theme. Way before the Pharaohs strutted about ancient Egypt to leave a legacy in slots titles like Book of Dead and Luxor Gold Hold and Win, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Their place in prehistory is a curiosity that endures to this day, and these ancient behemoths and toothy reptiles continue to inspire movies, books and TV series. Why not join Caxino as we put on our explorer's gear and dig up some of the best dinosaur slots.

Close, but not quite

What the slots game Dinosaur Kingdom lacks in prehistoric accuracy, it makes up for in gameplay. There are some interesting reel symbol-saurs, including a parasaurolophus and an ankylosaurus, as well as the twin sail-headed dilophosaurus. Triceratops lumbers in as the highest-value saurian symbol, while a range of Wilds includes a winged pterosaur. These fabulous beasts all come muzzled by some ancient tribe that happens to live alongside them, but if you're forced to live in a jungle with wild dinosaurs roving about, it's easy to see why these primitive people would feel the need to keep them under control. There's loads of action on the reels including the chance to scoop valuable Free Spins rounds. The base game has an exciting gamble option (the developers used red/black playing cards here, perhaps a different theme could have worked) that allows players to choose if they'd like to stake a win on the outcome of an additional gamble. The general consensus is that this is a fun game with lots to offer.

Hatching a plan

Dinosaur Rage from Quickspin invites you to join an intrepid explorer in a mysterious jungle where dinosaurs appear to have thrived throughout time. This bright and fast-paced game allows certain symbols to count as combination fillers even when they are only partially visible on the reels. The Free Spins bonus round is loads of fun, but you'll need the patience of an archaeologist if you're going to wait for it to come around, and a bankroll that can handle the passing of time, unless you choose the Buy Bonus option that takes you straight into the action. This leads to an amazing bonus round to enjoy, with the chance that additional Free Spins may be added. The dinosaurs represented here are some of the better-known ones: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Pterodactylus and the Brachiosaurus, but you also get the chance to hatch some amazing wins if you can land three or more of the egg and nest symbols. This one is worth a spin, for sure.

Let these games get Jurassic on you!

The coolest dinosaurs on the block are the ones featured in Jurassic Party, with their jaunty hats, sunglasses and never-ending tropical island beach party. After all, who said archaeology was all work and no play?

The Jurassic Park franchise has proven to be a huge success with players, with Jurassic World, Jurassic World Raptor Riches, Jurassic Park Remastered and Jurassic Park Gold all whisking you off to that stunning island setting where you can encounter all sorts of prehistoric beasts, brought back to life by ingenious scientists. Those brilliant people forgot to make sure that they'd have a plan in place to contain their ferocious specimens, so there's an ongoing tussle between man and 'saur. There can't be too many people who had heard of the Velociraptor before the Jurassic Park series of books and movies, so well done to the crew for keeping the memory of this little guy alive. These slots are great fun to play, as you can imagine, with superb graphics and exciting mechanics to keep you on your toes.

An honourable mention

When it comes to fusing the ancient with the modern, the online slots game Rhino Rilla Rex brings to life an insane world in which you get to compile mutant beasts to bring you the big wins. These beasts appear in different combinations according to your success on the reels: a rhinoceros, a gorilla and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This wacky game must be the brainchild of a mad genius! Anyway, since it features the T-Rex and the game is immense fun, it gets an honourable mention here.

Why not take a trip into the past (or at least into a lost jungle where dinosaurs still roam) with Caxino. You never know just what your explorations in the games lobby may uncover.