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Responsible Gaming

Caxinocasino.com reminds all its visitors that gambling is an entertainment product and every person should play responsibly.

Helpful Tips to Play Safe

The following tips should heeded carefully when gambling in any situation:

  • Only play with disposable income: Never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose. Housing, food, and the other necessities of life should be well covered before contemplating gambling at Caxino Casino or elsewhere.

  • Never chase losses: You should never try to recover gambling losses with additional betting. Losses are losses, treat them as such and don't throw money at an unlucky streak.

  • Gamble with a clear mind: Do not gamble if you are intoxicated in any way. Drugs and alcohol lower inhibitions that may lead to reckless gambling. If you think you might be too intoxicated to play then you probably are and the best move is to log off and save your money for another day.

  • Pay attention to the warning signs: If you find yourself making careless bets or gambling more often than usual, take a break and consider why this happening and if these are the warning signs of problem gambling.

  • Listen to your friends and family: If someone you know says you have a gambling problem, do not dismiss their concerns. At the least, you should reflect on their concerns and check out some resources (see below) that may help address any problems.

Caxino Account Controls

Your account at Caxino includes controls to help you manage your gambling. The following Limit types are available: Deposit Limit, Net Loss Limit, Wager Limit, Time Limit, Timeout, and Permanent Self-Exclusion. For more information about how these gaming limits are managed visit the Responsible Gaming page at Caxino Casino for more details.

Additional Resources

For those seeking additional professional resources focused on problem gambling, please visit the following organisations:

If you are unsure if have a gambling problem, this quiz from PGF Services may help.