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Caxino Casino Review

Caxino Casino is the latest entry into the iGaming world and one of the finest examples of what an online casino product should be.

The magic behind casino begins at its core. Caxino is Powered by Rootz, the custom-built flexible platform and the reason the Caxino experience feels so smooth and fast.

Caxino Payments Review

One thing that most certainly impresses is Caxino's wide range of payment methods. Payment methods include, but are not limited to, bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and electronic vouchers. As online casino payments can sometimes be in flux in certain markets and new types appearing all the time, Caxino stays ahead of the latest trends and aims to have the most popular payment methods available for every one of its markets.

Credit Cards

Caxino Casino accepts VISA and MasterCard. These two credit cards represent 97% of the European credit card market. Deposits will post to Caxino accounts immediately. Withdrawals are processed in the quickest possible manner at Caxino but may require a 1-3 day posting time depending on third-party payment processors.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is the fastest-growing method of moving money to and from online casino accounts. Backed by industry-leading technologies, bank transfer allows for safe movement of funds between your bank and Caxino account. As with all payment types, deposits will post immediately. Bank withdrawals are subject to local banking logistics and may take 1-3 days for funds to appear in a bank account. Provided that a KYC check (see below) is not necessary, Caxino aims to process all withdrawals in a matter of minutes or hours.

Occasionally, there may be some delays depending upon numerous factors, notably a high number of withdrawal requests. In those cases, the team at Caxino appreciates your patience and rest assured that they have team members working around the clock to get all withdrawals approved as quickly as possible.


Lastly, eWallets are accepted at Caxino. An eWallet, also knows as a digital wallet, is an online service that allows you to make electronic payments. Some services offer a debit card with a VISA/MasterCard logo which allows you to use your eWallet at millions of retailers around the world. See your eWallet provider for debit card availability.

At Caxino, the primary eWallets we accept are Skrill, Netteller, MuchBetter, and ecoPayz. Individual availability depends on your location. Please visit your local Payment Methods page at Caxino for specific availability in your country.

A major advantage that eWallets have over credit cards and bank transfers is withdrawals, like deposits, post immediately to the eWallet account. The only exception to immediate withdrawals is if the Caxino Payments team requires a KYC check (see below) or unusual behaviour requires a manual review. Barring these circumstances, eWallet withdrawals post in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Another benefit of eWallets is that they require two-factor authentication. This can come in the form of a randomly generated code or fingerprint authentication, both of which generally occur from within your eWallet's mobile app.

KYC Checks and Security

A KYC check, or a Know-Your-Customer check, is an identification check that may be required to ensure the integrity of payments and protect the player and Caxino against cases of fraud and identity theft. Once a player crosses a certain threshold, this KYC check is required by law. Certain depositing and withdrawing behaviour such as using multiple payment types, a disproportionately high number of deposits or withdrawals, or frequent withdrawal cancellations, will trigger a KYC check even if the amounts are less than the legal threshold.

In most cases, customers that have already gone through a KYC check at Wildz Casino will not be required to do so again at Caxino. However, there are circumstances which may trigger an additional KYC check. Changing payment types, an expired identification type or unusual depositing/withdrawing may necessitate a follow-up KYC.

Caxino makes it easy to upload your KYC documents directly on the website. Be aware that KYC documents are manually reviewed by the Payments team so please allow for some processing time so the Caxino team members can diligently examine all documentation.

Caxino Website Review

For a proper Caxino Casino review, or frankly any online casino, one of the most important areas of interest should be the user interface. Without a manageable website, customers will tire of trying to navigate a clumsy site and may take their business elsewhere.

In 2020, when consumers experience ever-increasing home Internet and mobile data speeds, the online casino industry needs to adapt to those changing circumstances and never settle on moderate performance.

It's clear that Caxino's developers have considered the user experience every step of the way. From speed, to the location of elements, to the very easy-to-use game lobby, Caxino is well-built to adapt with an ever changing marketplace.

For customers that have experience with Rootz's first brand, Wildz, they will find Caxino's interface familiar and inviting. The Rootz team spent much time developing a comfortable UX for its customers and they decided not to make major revisions to a feature that has been popular with its online casino players. Of course, the branding has completely changed as will the rewards system, but Caxino remains just as easy to navigate as the original brand.

Caxino Rewards

The Caxino Rewards system is currently under development, and in some ways it always will be as Rootz seeks to optimise customer rewards for the life of the product. But here's what we do know now...


  • Free Spins: One thing that you know you'll be getting with any Rootz brand is a boatload of free spins. Caxino's Welcome Bonus of 100 free spins will be awarded for a minimum deposit of $10. Caxino is certainly going to build upon the ethos of the first brand and ensure that huge numbers of free spins remain a hallmark of their products. In less than a year, Wildz will have given away over 100 million free spins. Combined with Caxino, it'll only be a couple years before they are surpassing the 1 billion mark.
  • Customised for each user: There is nothing more frustrating for casino players than getting an "exciting offer" to a game that they are not at all enthusiastic about. Caxino, through smart programming and machine learning, seeks to tailor its reward system to each individual player. In addition to free spins on online video slots, the team behind Caxino is currently working with providers to offer rewards on game types that have never seen them before. Stay tuned for more details!

Caxino Support Review

Caxino Casino offers 24/7 customer support in English. Support is available via email and Live Chat and both are easily accessible from their website. Customer support can easily handle most routine account inquiries and can always elevate your issue to the appropriate department should more unconventional assistance be required.

For the best Live Chat service, log into your Caxino account before opening up the chat module. Your information will be pre-filled in the Live Chat module and the customer support agent is able to quickly verify that you are a Caxino customer. This will help speed up any assistance that you may need.

Caxino Mobile Review

Caxino Casino's full functionality is available on your mobile device. This includes playing games, managing your account, and initiating deposits and withdrawals. With the exception of a limited number of older Flash-based games, the entire game library is available on your mobile device. Furthermore, as time goes by, game providers are increasingly converting the most popular Flash-based games to HTML5 versions which allow for play on smartphones and tablets.


Caxino Casino was built for mobile-first meaning that the entire website was constructed specifically for mobile and only adapted for desktop play after the core mobile programming was complete.

Additional Info

For more information about Caxino rewards and bonuses, check out the dedicated Caxino Bonus page right here.

Furthermore, visit the Caxino Games page for many more details about the Caxino game library, the types of online casino games available, and other game-related information.

Caxino Review Summary

Caxino Casino is simply a great place to play. The recognisable Rootz platform is always a pleasure, the user interface is built for customer satisfaction, the payment types are numerous and flexible, and it simply offers a great overall experience.

Fans of clean lines and clever programming will love the way it looks and feels. All customers can take some peace of mind knowing that a company that pays this much attention to detail on their website is going to take care of the customer needs as well.

Caxino Casino is highly recommended!