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Caxino Casino

Introducing Caxino Casino, the latest brand from the crew behind Wildz, 2019's hottest online casino brand. Caxino builds upon the lessons learned in the past year and incorporates a bold new vision into this second brand from the high-flyers at Rootz.

Caxino promises to put a new stamp on the online casino industry by taking automation and customer customisation to the next level all while wrapped in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Why Caxino?

It's an interesting question considering the current popularity of the flagship brand, Wildz. The reasons are numerous, but here was some of the thinking that led to this second brand:

  • Ideas need a home: There was always the option to keep adding layers of features to Wildz, but this runs the risk of having too much going on at any given time. One of the nice things about Rootz products is their simplicity (at least from a customer's perspective) and ease of use should be maintained. Piling feature upon feature gets away from the idea that a streamlined product is preferable than a jumbled product.
  • Creativity is the core: Rootz was built to be automated not only for efficiency, but to free the creative talent of their human resources. Embarking on a second brand unleashes that developmental stage bursts of creative construction. A new brand fosters this spirit, keeps the crew hungry for improvement, and improves all aspects of the business. As Caxino Casino development will help improve Wildz, an eventual 3rd brand will improve the first two.
  • Puts the platform to the test: Built on their own custom platform, Rootz welcomes an opportunity to demonstrate the relative strength of their platform versus the competition. Caxino is a testament to the flexibility of the Rootz platform in terms of the ease of integration, ability to manage multiple casinos in a single instance, and demonstrates the ability efficiently maintain additional brands without exponentially increasing the workforce.

Caxino Withdrawals

One point of emphasis is Caxino withdrawal times. When the original brand was launched in July 2019, the one struggle encountered was the ability to process payments quickly in those first days. The launch was stronger than expected and the pace of transactions caught everyone a bit off-guard. While that is a good problem to have, it was still something that needed to be fixed right away.

And fixed it was. In just a couple short weeks, the payments team had gotten everything under control and Wildz was processing transactions second to none. Fast-forward 9 months and the Fraud and Payments team at Rootz is a robust department with multiple crews working shifts to ensure the quickest processing possible.

This time around, you can be rest assured that Caxino withdrawal times will be at the absolute minimum. This is especially true of Caxino customers that have joined us from Wildz. Those who have already gone through a KYC process at the other brand will find themselves verified automatically (barring any suspicious account actions) and payments processed faster than ever before.

While there are improvements across the board, Caxino withdrawal times is one areas in which we've placed even more focus for this new online casino. At the end of the day, too many clever operators get caught up in bells and whistles and can lose focus on the building blocks that matter. Quick and efficient withdrawals at Caxino are the type of simple, yet often overlooked, feature that will ensure that Caxino Casino is 2020's gold standard.